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Tutoring Services Toronto –   1-on-1  Tutoring

Learning Tree Tutors is an award-winning tutoring services company that provides a wide range of tutoring programs for all subjects, ages and levels. We offer in-home and online tutoring and create customized lessons for each student.

Tutoring Approach – Effective Tutoring

We work together to develop a customized tutoring program that is flexible to meet every student’s  educational needs.

1-on-1 Tutoring – With private tutoring each student has the full attention of their personal mentor at all times. Students stay focused and engaged in their lessons. Private tutoring can make all the difference in the world.

Customized Learning – Our tutors develop personalized learning plans after assessing a student’s strengths and weaknesses. We create adaptable, flexible lessons and tailor them to the student’s needs.

Comfortable and Convenient– Lessons can be at-home, online or at another convenient location. We arrange times to fit your schedule. Most parents find that the familiar environment of home makes learning easier for children.

Affordable Tutoring –Learning Tree Tutors offers tutoring plans that give great value. Our tutoring service provides instruction at affordable rates without sacrificing quality. There are no hidden fees, no registration fees and no contracts.We offer both quality and affordability.


Tutoring Services – What We Dotutoring Toronto

Our Toronto tutoring service offers support in all subjects and grades including help with homework, enrichment, and special education strategies. There are so many ways our tutoring service can provide assistance and academic support.  

  • Improve Grades/Achievement-  Students who have problems in a particular subject area or are not reaching their potential at school may benefit from regular tutoring sessions.

  • Homework Help – We help with organizing and completing homework assignments and review materials covered in the classroom.

  • Remedial Teaching – We can review and re-teach concepts that were not clearly understood in class. Sometimes we are able to fill in gaps where a student has missed classes or changed schools. 

  •  Learning Enrichment We teach in-depth beyond the basic curriculum for those who need more academic challenges. Students who are highly motivated or gifted learners can benefit by using a tutor to work ahead in a specific subject area. Our tutors can help develop a plan to provide enrichment support for students who excel.
  • Test and Exam Preparation –   Our tutors work with students to plan ahead, use effective study skills, review materials and reinforce key concepts.

Subjects – Subject-Specific Help 

Our tutors are available to support you in many different programs for all ages and levels. Subjects in Arts/Humanities Social Sciences, and Sciences.For details on subject support visit our programs page.


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Learning Tree Tutors is an award-winning services with  customized tutoring.  We consider the individual’s needs and goals when developing learning strategies.


Our Students

We provide tutoring for primary, elementary and high school students from Grades JK to 12. We also tutor college and university students as well as adults.


Our Tutors

Our tutors are committed to helping students achieve their academic goals . They love  teaching and inspire students with their enthusiasm for learning. 


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