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Tutoring services in Toronto? Look no further!  Learning Tree Tutors is an award-winning tutoring services company that provides a wide range of tutoring programs for all subjects, ages and levels.

What are some of the reasons we are one of the best tutoring companies offering in-home private tutoring ? Without a doubt one important reason is because we offer such a wide range of excellent tutoring programs for all ages and levels. First of all, we support Ontario school subjects Grades JK to 12 : Primary School Tutoring. Elementary School and High School Tutoring. Next, we also provide tutoring for many university courses. Additionally, we have tutoring programs for students of all ages and levels for special interests such as Coding and Computer Skills, Study Skills, Test Preparation and Writing Skills.

The following are the main tutoring academic programs:

  • English and French – Reading, writing, speaking – language arts
  • Math – Math, Calculus, Functions, Data Management
  • Sciences – Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computers
  • Social Sciences – History and Geography

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How We Help With 1-on-1 Tutoring 

Clearly when it comes to learning, private tutoring can make all the difference in the world. Another reason for use our service is that there are so many ways our tutoring service can provide assistance and academic support.  The following examples show some of the things our tutors do to help:

  • Homework Help – help with homework assignments, review materials covered in the classroom, and prepare for tests.
  • Remedial Teaching – teach students new concepts and also review and re-teach concepts that were not clearly understood in class. Sometimes we are able to fill in gaps where a student has missed classes or changed schools. Other times we explain things when a student has not understood something because it was never  explained in a easily-understood way
  •  Learning Enrichment – We teach in-depth beyond the basic curriculum for those who need more academic challenges.

Customized Learning  -Customized Tutoring Services

customized learning

Yet another reason you may consider choosing our service is because we give each student concentrated individual attention.  We  tailor help to each individual student’s needs and priorities.  Personalized or customized learning ensures that that lessons are adaptable, tailored to the student’s level, and paced so that they can progress comfortably. Above all, our tutors understand that children have different learning styles and goals so that best tutoring results can be achieved..

Best Tutors

Successful tutors improve student academic performance and increase students’ self-confidence. At Learning Tree Tutors we take great care to match students with tutors according to their unique needs, personality and goals. Our Toronto tutors are certified teachers or graduate subject specialists. Additionally, they have experience and have a passion for learning and imparting their knowledge to young people. Our tutors endeavor to make learning interesting and fun to increase motivation. Whatever we do on a day-today basis – our long-term goal in teaching is to set students firmly on the path to lifelong learning.

In-Home Tutoring Toronto  and Online Tutoring Services

Our students benefit from learning in a comfortable, familiar home environment. We are not one of those Toronto tutoring centres where you have to take your kids somewhere and drop them off.We offer in-home tutoring or we can meet at a school or library.  In addition, service is at convenient times. Just tell us the times that are best for you, so that we can work out a convenient schedule.

Affordable Tutoring

Finally, Learning Tree Tutors offers tutoring plans that give great value. We offer both quality and affordability. How is this possible? You get a discount in tutoring rates when you purchase a tutoring services package. Packages are efficient and convenient. Most importantly, by using reward our regular clients with the best rates. There are no contracts and no hidden fees and add-on charges.

Toronto Tutoring– Easy Registration

There is no registration fee for tutoring services. Simply fill out the registration form or contact us with details. We will recommend a tutor and get you started as quickly as possible.

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