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Help with Reading Phonics, Sight Word Recognition, Vocabulary, and Spelling.

Reading Tutoring – Private Reading Tutors in Toronto

Reading tutoring is clearly one of the best ways to help children develop their reading skills. Unquestionably the ability to read is  the most important skill a child can learn, yet so many  kids struggle with reading. This doesn’t mean, however, that they’re not smart or not trying hard. Sometimes children just need more and better support to improve. Even good readers can benefit from extra expert help to excel academically.

With private reading tutoring help from Learning Tree Tutors, your child can definitely improve both skills and confidence. Moreover, we provide 1-on-1 in-home tutoring at convenient times to fit your schedule.

Best Reading  Tutors – Customized Learning

Our best tutors are graduates who are certified teachers or otherwise qualified. Most importantly, they are very experienced in teaching young children to read. You can therefore be confident that your tutor will be able to help your child develop essential literacy skills.

Because no two children are alike, our tutors develop a personalized learning program for each student based on his or her unique needs and goals.  We consider the strengths, weaknesses and learning style of each child when customizing instruction.  Above all, our tutors give kids the individual attention and mentoring they need to achieve academically.

Tutoring for All Levels

Learning Tree Tutors provides reading tutoring for primary school and elementary school. We also help students of all ages  improve literacy skills and help those with learning disabilities.

Reading Tutors for Primary School – Grades JK to 3 

Children learn to read independently step-by-step starting in the primary school grades. Tutoring for 1st Grade Reading, 2nd Grade Reading and 3rd Grade Reading will include phonics, sight word recognition, comprehension, vocabulary, and spelling.

Reading Tutors for Elementary School – Grades 4 to 8

Reading skills tutoring for more senior grades will help students make gains in comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and increase their speed. Not only that, your child will also learn to use textbooks and more complex materials effectively.

Reading  Skills and Learning Disabilities

Children develop differently and the age when a child is ready to  develop literacy can vary. Progress also can be negatively affected, however, by learning disabilities, vision, or hearing problems. It’s therefore very important to watch for signs that your child isn’t doing well. (See Mayo Clinic list )

To sum up, reading tutoring can benefit almost all children, On the one hand we can help children overcome learning difficulties, and on the other hand we can enhance the skills of good readers so they become great readers. Call us to get your child started.

Learning can be fun and we want everyone to love books the way we do!

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