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Learning Tutors provides 1-on-1 online private test prep tutoring. Tests are important in determining a student’s grades and can even determine which universities accept a student. We can help students with the most general and subject-specific tests for school and college. For example, we can help with test preparation for popular tests such as EQAO and OSSLT. Not only that, we can also help with many other tests, such as SSAT and GED.


“We partnered with Learning Tree to support our son in preparing for the SSAT and were very pleased with our tutor. She was engaging, prepared and effective. Our son actually enjoyed the sessions – and the results spoke for themselves.” S. Henning

Test Prep Tutoring – Builds Confidence and Reduces Anxiety

Tutoring can help with test anxiety. With our personalized guidance, students will learn the best strategies to do well on tests..  Practice tests are essential to test preparation tutoring since practice leads to improvement. Test anxiety is real, so the only way to deal with it is to develop the tools needed for test-taking success.

High School Tests and Exam Prep

Tests and Exams play a huge role in your academic achievement in high school. Getting good grades is even more important when applying for entrance to university. We can help with subject-specific tutoring for all subjects and levels.

EQAO  Tutoring – Toronto EQAO Tutors

We have EQAO tutors for Grade 3, Grade 6, Grade 9. EQAO tests measure students’ knowledge of core skills based on the Ontario Curriculum. First, at the end of Grade 3, EQAO assesses the Reading, Writing and Math skills students have studied in Grades 1 to 3. Next, at the end of Grade 6, EQAO assesses Reading, Writing and Math skills students have learned in Grades 4 to 6. Finally, the Grade 9 EQAO Mathematics test measures the skills students have learned by the end of Grade 9.  Our tutoring helps students succeed by providing them with the necessary core skills.

OSSLT Tutoring – Toronto OSSLT Tutors 

The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test is called OSSLT, and is sometimes known as EQAO 10. Grade 10 students take this test to see if they meet the minimum reading and writing standards up to the end of Grade 9. This means adequate literacy is demonstrated across all subjects. Accordingly, students need to pass the test to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Students who fail can repeat it in Grades 11 and 12. The OSSLT is challenging for many students. This challenge can be met, however, with effective test preparation.

GED Test Preparation for the GED

The General Education Development test establishes a high school equivalency standard. The standard applies throughout Canada and the USA. Anyone who passes the GED test can receive a Certificate of High School Equivalency or General Education Diploma. The GED exam covers five subject areas. We have expert tutors for all five subject areas for GED.

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Learning Tree Tutors helps students improve test-taking skills, reduce anxiety and build self-confidence. Looking for test prep help in Toronto? Contact us to get started now!

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