Tutoring Costs: Private 1-on-1 Tutoring

How Much Should Private Tutoring Cost in Canada?

Multiple Factors Affect Tutoring Rates

Cost is an essential factor to consider when choosing a private tutor. Private 1-on-1 tutoring means one tutor teaches only one student, and the tutor tailors lessons to fit the individual student’s needs. While private tutoring has many benefits, costs can quickly add up with regular tutoring.

So, how does tutoring tuition break down? Tutoring costs depend on various factors. This includes the tutor’s qualifications and the subject and level required. Your city or location and how you hire a tutor also can affect how much you will pay. All these factors coupled together will determine an hourly rate. Private lessons advertised range from $20/per hour to $175/per hour. The industry standard, however, is from $40 to $65/per hour, and rates up to $90/per hour are exceptional. Let’s look at several tutoring options and how various factors influence costs.

Private Tutoring Costs – Individual Tutors

Some people may decide to hire an individual tutor on their own. This solution is satisfactory if you verify proof of a tutor’s education, references, and a police criminal record check. Costs of hiring an independent tutor may be lower than using an agency –but do not assume this is always the case. Make sure you know what you are getting. Some freelance tutors are high school or university students earning extra money. In comparison, others are professional tutors who are experts in their subjects. Always compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges! A high school student may charge only $20/hour. However, a certified JK to 12 teachers can set a rate as high as $75/ per hour, and some university-level tutors set even higher rates. You must decide where you get the best value for your money.

Private Tutoring Costs – Using Agencies or Tutoring Services

Many companies offer private tutoring for different subjects and grade levels. If the agency is reputable, they have experience determining what is needed. They will get the right fit and continue to help if there are problems. A tutoring service or agency can match you with tutors who suit your requirements. They screen and provide some guidance for tutors. Agency advisors should be knowledgeable about education. Some reputable services may provide only qualified teachers and subject experts with advanced academic qualifications. Some others may use university students to reduce costs. Again, you must decide on what offers the best value for you. The pricing for tutoring agency services can vary. Some agencies cost $38 to $75/per hour, while others cost $55 to $90/per hour. Look at locally-owned businesses that charge lower rates to find the best deal.

Payment and Purchasing Options

There are several different ways that tutors and agencies charge and structure their services. For example, some offer special payment plans. Others offer monthly subscription packages or other packages. Generally speaking, any option that reduces administrative costs and time will result in more affordable tutoring costs. Paying for individual lessons in most cases will be costly. At Learning Tree Tutors we offer several packages and payment plans to fit your budget.

Costs Vary –

Consider Many Factors

Cost of Tutoring by Type (Online vs. In-Home Tutoring)

Due to COVID-19, many agencies do not offer in-person or home tutoring services or have reduced this service. Most tutors prefer to work online now. Virtual services may be more economical. Tutors meeting in person may charge a higher hourly rate since meeting in-person means travel time. Estimate $60 to $80/hour for JK to 7 home tutoring. 

Cost by Subject

The highest-cost subjects are private tutoring in senior math, physics, computer science, and engineering. These subjects are taught at senior high school and university levels. STEM subjects require tutors with unique academic backgrounds and experience. Estimate $50 to $65/per hour at the high school level – but check into packages that can make costs much more affordable.

Cost by Difficulty/Complexity

Tutoring costs are generally higher for high school than for elementary school and highest for university level. A general rule of thumb is to apply an additional $10/per hour per level in considering costs. As the academic levels increase, tutors handle more complex and challenging topics and concepts. They also have to explain these concepts in a way that learners can understand. At the highest university level, a highly-qualified tutor can charge $100/hour or more for advanced or specialized courses in science and technology.

Other Factors Affecting Tutoring Costs

Other factors can affect your costs, especially if you are hiring a tutoring agency. Still, some local companies (such as Learning Tree Tutors) may not ask for contracts or extra fees.

  • Additional tutoring fees: Ask agencies or tutors about other costs that may arise. For example, there may be extra fees for materials or for administering tests.
  • Contracts: Check if an agency expects you to sign a long-term contract. If so, ask about their penalty fees if you cancel because the agency isn’t a good fit.
  • Cancellation Policies: Make sure that you check into any policies about cancelling sessions. Find out if you have to pay if, for any reason, you have to cancel a session with less than 24 hours notice. Late cancellation fees may apply.

Different Costs – What Does It All Mean?

To sum up, private tutoring costs in Canada vary depending on factors such as tutor expertise, subject complexity, and location. Finding the right tutor and price depends on the student’s needs. What is important is that you get good value for your money. Research before you start so you will find the best option that fits your learning needs and budget. Contact Learning Tree Tutors to discuss your needs!

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