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Toronto Tutors for you? – Learning Tree Tutors above all is committed to helping students achieve their academic goals in school and in university.  That’s one reason why we look for tutors who are passionate about teaching, because we know they will inspire students with their enthusiasm for learning.  Clearly 1-on-1 tutoring works best when good teachers engage and motivate students.

Toronto Tutors – Qualifications

Our team consists of certified school teachers, Faculty of Education candidates, Early Childhood Education specialists, college teachers and academic subject specialists with graduate/postgraduate qualifications. In addition, our Toronto tutors have teaching/ tutoring experience and are also knowledgeable in the subjects they teach. Moreover, all tutors are familiar with the Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum.   Finally, it is important to note that all tutors are interviewed and professionally screened for qualifications and credentials.

Find the Best Tutor Match

We consider many factors in order to find the best tutor match for your child. First, we have an orientation phone call with you to understand academic needs and goals. Next, we find a tutor located near you who has the subject matter expertise required and matches your schedule.  We don’t stop there, however, because we understand the importance of ensuring that your child develops   good rapport with their tutor. As a result, we also consider personal factors and communication style when matching students and tutors. Our tutors, of course, understand the importance of relating well with families.

primary school tutors, high school tutorsWhat Do Parents and Students Say About Our Tutors?

We invite you to visit our Student Success Stories so that you can find out what our families have to say.


Tutors – FAQ

What is the student to teacher ratio?
  1-on-1 so that we can maximize learning experience 

Will my child always have the same tutor?
The same subject tutor will work with your child on a consistent basis.

How do you find a tutor who is the right fit for my child?
Based on the information you provided , we match your request with a qualified tutor who has the subject expertise, location, schedule as well as the personality to work with your child..

Do you have tutoring packages?
Yes we have standard packages to give you discount prices  and sometimes we can create a custom package for you.

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