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French Tutoring – Toronto French Tutors

Find a French Tutor for 1-on-1 in-Home Tutoring

French  tutoring  with qualified French tutors will help students develop strong fundamental skills in speaking, oral communication, reading, and writing. After an initial French language assessment, our teachers will identify exactly what a student needs to achieve his or her learning goals.

Learning French is highly desirable accomplishment if you are living in a Canadian environment.  We provide customized French tutoring for students of all levels in French and French Immersion school programs.

French Tutoring for Primary School French / Elementary School French / High School French               

  • Tutors for Core French School Programs
  • Tutors for French Immersion
  • Tutors for Extended French
  • IB French Tutors – International Baccalaureate
  • Tutors for Francophones 

Tutoring will help improve French language skills and build confidence in learning. Nothing gets results faster than 1-on-1 tutoring with an expert tutor.

As a parent — if you have a child  learning French in school  — you are probably concerned that you can’t assist your children with their homework.  Let us help! Learning Tree Tutors can provide homework help, remedial teaching and learning enhancement. Our tutors can teach French at the beginner level or at the most advanced level.

French Tutoring For University

French tutors for university programs can provide French language help for all levels including pronunciation, grammar, reading skills, and vocabulary usage. Tutors also help students develop essay writing skills and support courses in the literature and culture of France.

French Tutoring For Adults

Customized 1-on-1 tutoring is the ideal learning solution for adults who want to learn French. We can  create a personalized program that will meet the unique needs of the individual student. We can help you if you want to learn conversational French both for travel and for personal interest and enjoyment.  Tutoring is also the perfect solution for adults who need to learn French for employment or career advancement purposes.

At all levels our tutors build a solid foundation for students in fundamental language skills such as spelling, grammar, vocabulary, correct accent and pronunciation.

Best French Tutors

Our Toronto French tutors are Ontario Certified teachers (OCT) or have other French as a Second Language teaching qualifications and /or academic credentials.  Tutors are native speakers or bilingual and  fluent in the French language.

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