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English tutoring is clearly one of the best ways to help students develop and enhance language and literacy skills. At Learning Tree Tutors we understand that nothing is more important to overall academic performance and future success than competency in language. We therefore provide academic support for all Grades JK to 12 : primary, elementary and high school English tutoring. In addition, we provide college and  university English tutoring.

English Tutoring – Many Surprising Benefits 

First and foremost, student grades usually start to improve in all subjects as soon as language skills are enhanced. There can be other additional and more surprising benefits, however. Apart from academic benefits, young people may start to bloom socially and intellectually as their language skills develop. and confidence increases.  Last but not least, many students will also develop a greater appreciation of language and literature.

Best English Tutors and Customized Learning

Our best tutors are certified teachers and/or have specialized academic qualifications in English. You can therefore be confident that your tutor is qualified to help students develop essential language and literacy skills.  Our tutors create individual, customized learning plans and provide a supportive learning environment.

Tutoring for All Levels

Learning Tree Tutors provides academic support for all levels as follows :

Primary School English

In Grades 1 to 3 focus is on basic knowledge and skills to establish a strong foundation  for language development. Our primary focus is on help with reading, both remedial and enrichment

 Elementary School English – Junior/Intermediate Grades

In Grades 4 to 8 the focus is on students’ ability to use their knowledge and skills in speaking, reading, writing to understand,
critically analyse, and communicate a broad range of ideas. We can help with reading, writing, spelling , grammar and vocabulary

 High School English Tutoring

In Grades 9 to 12  we follow Ontario Curriculum guidelines which strong core competencies in Oral Communication, Reading and Literature Studies, Writing, and Media Studies. In particular, we help students with  assignments, teaching them essay writing as well as how to develop and organize ideas.

University –  Academic English 

University English tutors help students and professionals to enhance academic language and writing skills. It is important to note that the kind of English used in academic  writing is very different from everyday language . Our academic mentors will teach academic style and help with academic essays, reports, journal articles, theses and research papers.

Tutors for  Adults

English help for adults can help mature adult learners who need to improve their grammar and writing skills quickly and effectively.

Unquestionably, whatever a student’s age or the level, 1-on-1 tutoring will improve skills and build confidence.

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