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ESL tutoring is available for both online or in-person lessons in Toronto.  Learning English with private 1-on-1 tutoring not only will let you learn at your own pace, but it’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s effective!

ESL tutors teach all aspects of English: speaking, grammar, reading, writing, listening, and pronunciation. Moreover, our strategy is to teach practical, real-life communication skills. As a result, we create lessons that focus on real-life topics and situations. In short, with our approach you will use English to really communicate, learning grammar and vocabulary only in meaningful contexts.

ESL English Tutoring – Customized Learning

How does it work?  Your tutor will first assess your strengths and weaknesses and discuss your learning goals. After this  initial assessment, your tutor will then develop a personalized and flexible learning program. Our teaching will focus on your priorities and specific areas of interest. For example, you may want to concentrate on mastering conversational skills, or alternatively, we can develop a program for you that integrates all language skills.

Best ESL Tutors

Our ESL tutors are native speakers who are certified Canadian TESL teachers.   Some tutors also have additional special qualifications to teach business communications, whereas others may be expert in test preparation for English competency tests for immigration to Canada or for university entrance.

Business English – for Professionals and Job Seekers

Excellent communication skills are very important if you are aiming for promotion at work or are looking for a better job. We can certainly help you improve both your verbal and written communication skills. First of all we will coach you to speak well and make presentations with confidence. Additionally, we will also teach you to write effectively for business purposes in a Canadian environment.

Test Preparation for Immigration, Citizenship, University Entrance

Do you need proof of good English for immigration or citizenship? Are you trying to qualify for college or university? Learning Tree Tutors provides expert assistance to prepare for tests such as IELTS and CELPIP.

To sum up,  proficiency in English is an essential skill for all newcomers so do call us  when you need help with English.

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