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Coding for Kids tutoring and coding classes at Learning Tree Tutors teach basic computer and computer programming skills.  Our goal is to provide a fun environment that encourages children and teens to solve challenging problems and be creative with technology.

If you want to find a computer coding tutor – why should you choose Learning Tree Tutors? First, one reason is because we have graduate tutors who are not only expert in computer science but also passionate about teaching young people about computers. Another reason is that we provide a comfortable learning environment with 1-on-1 in-home tutoring or lessons online by WiFi at convenient times. Finally, perhaps the most important reason is that we develop individual, customized learning .

Why Learn to Code?

Why should kids learn to code? First of all, computers are now an integral and fundamental part of our daily lives. Computer programming is therefore now a key component of many school curricula. Next, coding for kids can help students improve academically because it teaches analytical thinking. Learning to code also helps students hone their design, logic, and problem-solving abilities. Most important of all, coding transforms the way students think by teaching them totally new ways of thinking.

Give your kids the opportunity to develop computer coding skills by starting with our Coding for Kids program. ( Click to see this CBC article for parents on the benefits of coding for kids). 

Computer Coding for Kids Tutoring / 1-on-1 Personalized computer programming for kidsLearning

Learning Tree Tutors provides  personalized 1-on-1 tutoring. Customized learning is absolutely the best way for individual students to learn. This provides advantages that group classes that standardized programs cannot. Our coding tutors will tailor lessons to the individual student’s needs.

Coding for Kids – Coding Tutoring Programs

Coding lessons can be in-home. We arrange times to fit your schedule. Another option is to have online tutoring by remote access in addition to – or instead of – having in-person sessions with tutor.

Customized tutoring programs are developed for each student and students can study more than one programming language or computer skill at one time. Here are some popular choices:

Basic Computer Skills for Kids

This tutoring program familiarizes the student with fundamental computer concepts bringing the student with no or minimal computer skills to a level of comfort with core computer concepts that can be used in current and future applications.

Coding for Kids – Introduction to Coding 

Coding for Kids tutoring is suitable for children and teens. It can be modified to suit different ages and computer literacy levels . Tutors teach the fundamentals of computer programming. In particular, we teach by working with block programming (such as MIT’s Scratch) using examples, quizzes, exercises, and solving challenging problems. Once the learn some basics, students will be able to create  games, projects, and  interactive stories. (Grade 5 to 12)

Coding for Kids – Python 

This computer programming for kids program is definitely a great introduction to fundamental programming concepts  Additionally, with Coding for Kids  Python you will learn principles that can be applied in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Python is also useful in the study of other programming languages. (Grade 7 to 12, and university)

Coding for Kids – Javascript 

Students learn Javascript fundamentals with experienced coding tutors.  We focus on problem solving and logical thinking.  Advanced students interested in JavaScript server side scripting can learn NodeJS and how to build api applications. (Grade 7 to 12, and university)

Web Design Tutoring – HTML (Grades 5 and up)

Beginners will learn HTML and learn how to use Tags and Attributes as well as CSS and basic JavaScript knowledge needed to create web pages. (Grade 7 to 12, and university)

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Find a Computer Coding Tutor in Toronto.

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