Customized Learning Programs – 1-on-1 Tutoring

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Customized Learning Tutoring  – 1-on-1 Tutoring

Customized learning is absolutely the best way for individual students to learn!  Certainly that’s why Learning Tree Tutors provides 1-on-1 tutoring and personalized learning to our students.  We consider that both teaching and the learning environment should meet the individual student’s needs. 

Personalized Learning Plan

First of all, for personalized learning we create adaptable, flexible lessons and tailor them to the student’s needs. Moreover, tutors start with an assessment of the strengths, weaknesses and learning style of the individual student.  In addition, our tutors  pace lessons so that the student’s progresses comfortably. 

With customized in-home tutoring each student has the full attention of their personal mentor at all times.  This in contrast to what happens at many tutoring centres where children are dropped off at an at centre after school.  Unlike our private tutoring, at some centres one tutor has to take care of several children at a time who may or may not be at the same age and level. In addition some staff assisting may not be professionals, whereas our tutors are able to create customized lessons and learning materials.  Differing so they cannot customize lessons and materials.  .

Customized Learning Gets Results – Improves Performance

Educational research demonstrates that students definitely benefit from personalized learning plans . In particular, students receiving customized lessons make greater gains in essential skills than other students.  Furthermore, results can be especially amazing in core subjects like math.  In addition, it should be noted that academic achievement continues to grow as more time is spent on personalized learning.

To conclude, Learning Tree Tutors follows best tutoring practices and develops personalized learning programs. Unquestionably this ensures that children will improve academic success and increase confidence. Learning Tree Tutors offers a very personalized service, and that’s is one reason why we receive such positive feedback students from parents and students.

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